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New Member

Cfwdall to PSTN

My users can forward all their calls to PSTN numbers may be home numbers and all. Now I want to prohibit my users to fwd their calls to international numbers, allowing forward only to local PSTN numbers.

How Can I do this?



Re: Cfwdall to PSTN

You do it with partitions and calling search spaces.

For example..

Create 3 partitions:

Campus - all your ip phones

National - national PSTN

International - international PSTN

And 3 calling search spaces:

Lobby_CSS - assign Campus partition to it (for your lobby phones to make internal calls only if you wish)

National_CSS - Campus and National partitions

Unrestricted_CSS -Campus, National and International

Now place all your phones in the campus partition and international CSS if you dont mind them calling international numbers at work.Place your national PSTN route patterns into National partition , and the international ones into the International one.

Then go to the phone configuration-> Directory number configuration and in the call forwarding settings limit it to the National_CSS


New Member

Re: Cfwdall to PSTN

Hi Marina

Thanks for the solution, but I have already thought of this solution. The problem is I have around 20 + branches with those many Gateways and so calling search spaces and Partitions.

For every parition I will have to make 3 CSS as per above solution. I want a faster and better way?

May be with route pattern?

Can u suggest?



Re: Cfwdall to PSTN

It's the only way to limit call forwarding capabilities i'm aware of. If you dont want to use partitions and calling search spaces the only thing you can do is block their international access at all but its not the result you want to achieve, is it?

New Member

Re: Cfwdall to PSTN

No Blocking entire international access is not my objective. So I will try with CSS and Partitions.

thnaks anyway

If anybody else knows any better ideas, r welcome

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