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change greeting messages ?

Hi,<br> We are using unity with Call Manager 3.1.2(c). We have setup a dedicated DN to act as an Auto Attendant with an opening greeting and the ability to type in any internal extension.<br>Everything is working great but is it possible to change the greeting (canned) when somebody enters in a valid extension from "Please wait while I transfer your call" to "Please wait while I transfer your call to 'name or recorded name of person'" ?<br>How can I do this - I played around with the Release to switch and Supervise Transfer option with Announce and Call for 'name' options but no luck.<br>People sometime complain that they don't know whose extension they have entered until they get the voicemail or someone picks up.<br>Any help or insights would be greatly appreciated.<br>Thanks.<br><br><br>


Re: change greeting messages ?

Currently there's no way to do this in Unity.

It does sort of beg the question... if someone entered an ID and we said "transfering to Jeff Lindborg" and then did the transfer, what would the caller do differently? This sort of implies we wait long enough for them to cancel the transfer request and try another user... it's not a simple matter of appending the voice name into the transfer prompt, it would have to be it's own little sub conversation that allowed user import or something along those lines.

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