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Change name of Call Manager Server

I need to rename our CallManager. We have CCM 3.1.3a, running as publisher. It is the only CCM in the cluster. I built a test box and with diff name and tried to grab the .sti file for the production box. Of course it reads it and looks for the production name. I have renamed it and SQL comes up corrupt. I thought that would happen. I have to rename this box. Thanks.



Re: Change name of Call Manager Server

You will need to reinstall it from scratch. CallManager server cannot be renamed because of the SQL limitations...

New Member

Re: Change name of Call Manager Server

Although I have never done this on call manager renaming a SQL 7.0 (in your case) or SQL2k server is not that difficult. you are going about it the wrong way. from SQL 7.0 BOL

"I renamed the computer that runs SQL Server. When I restarted SQL Server, I received an error message warning that my installation was corrupted or had been tampered with. What should I do?

If you change the computer name of the server, you will not be able to start SQL Server until you rerun SQL Server Setup. You will be prompted to upgrade, and the necessary SQL Server options will be reset with the new computer name. After you have upgraded, exit the Setup program. Your databases will not be affected by this procedure."

from here

"SQL Server 7.0 is the most difficult scenario for renaming your server since you must take an additional step that is an act of faith. After you change the server name and reboot, SQL Server will complain about not being able to start. This is usually where you go and call Microsoft Support or post to a newsgroup. Before you do that though, rerun setup. This is the scary part the first time you do this. The setup Installshield will tell you that it is going to upgrade your system. This will change the registry entries. After that, reboot one more time then connect to the new server name in Query Analyzer. Run the following command:

sp_dropserver 'old server name'

sp_addserver 'new server name'

Finally, delete the entry in Enterprise Manager for the old server name and then you’re done."

obviously I dont recommend this and I am sure that cisco does not support it . It is unlikely that whatever reason someone has as to why this MUST be done couldnt be argued more convincingly against however this can be done and if it cant there is no possibility that this is a SQL limitation


Re: Change name of Call Manager Server

Well,I know a couple of people who tried the above procedure and even in some cases it worked , problems appeared later on. I do believe the CallManager is quite sensitive to this kind of change and the best way is to reinstall the server (as recommended by Cisco as well)

I will rephrase my words if it makes you feel better

"You better reinstall in from scratch because of SQL sensibility"

New Member

Re: Change name of Call Manager Server

There is no direct correlation between this being possible, and the success of the people "you know" trying this. .

This has been done,can be done, and will continue to be done successfully without problems all over the world.

The bottom line is HE should not do it becasue it is not supported by Cisco.

Lets not make this about what makes me feel better. You said it can't be done. That was incorrect. I pointed that out.


Quote (backtracking)

"You better reinstall in from scratch because of SQL sensibility"

From Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913) [web1913]

Sensibility \Sen`si*bil"i*ty\, n.; pl. {Sensibilities}. [Cf. F.

sensibilit['e], LL. sensibilitas.]

1. (Physiol.) The quality or state of being sensible, or

capable of sensation; capacity to feel or perceive.

2. The capacity of emotion or feeling, as distinguished from

the intellect and the will; peculiar susceptibility of

impression, pleasurable or painful; delicacy of feeling;

quick emotion or sympathy; as, sensibility to pleasure or

pain; sensibility to shame or praise; exquisite

sensibility; -- often used in the plural. ``Sensibilities

so fine!'' --Cowper.

Unless Microsoft has been doing some behind the scenes development I would once again have to disagree.



Re: Change name of Call Manager Server

Easy fellas, go flame on another board. We are all professionals here and should act accordingly.