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change system time screws things up?

Is there any chance that changing the system time in 3.0.3 screws things up? I remember reading that you shouldn't change the system in earlier versions.<br><br>What happened is the server was shut off. When it was powered back on it appears that the bios reconfigured the system clock for July 6, 2001, at some different hour from what it is. <br><br>It seems that after this occured the opening greeting wasn't accessible. When dialing the pilot number for the company it said "Opening greeting is busy or does not answer". I quick look at the call handlers revealed that a custom call handler I had built from scratch had had its name changed to "handler:Opening Greeting" at the top, but the Name field where you specify the name was still the customized name. The real opening greeting handler was the same situation but reversed. The label at the top was the customized call handler name and the Name field was Opening Greeting. <br><br>I deleted the custom call handler, changed the system time to reflect the real time, and restarted the computer. Everything works again, but this was a bit unnerving. Are there any reports on this problem? I guess that few people would have a need to change the system time to a day in the past, so this might not be an issue...<br><br>


Re: change system time screws things up?

What time/date did the clock get set to?

There are settings for all greetings and transfer rules in the system that are set to active/inactive based on the time/date (this is for "expirable greetings" features which has not be exposed to the SA yet). If the date got set back before that time then the greeting rules would be confused as to if they are active or not and could easily account for the problem you reported with the greeting not playing right.

Not sure how the SA view issue you mention could have been related to the date though...

fiddling with the clock/date is not generally a problem (if you have Exchange on box this can screw up time stamps for inbound messages, of course) but if you reset the clock all the way back to 1980 or whatever, it will cause some unusual behavior.

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Re: change system time screws things up?

The date was July 6, 2001, and at 12:00pm real time the system time read 6:30pm.

I wasn't present at when the problem occured, and no changes I'm aware of took place, except for this date change. Whether the SA problem was a symptom of the date change or something else, I cannot verify. I only correlated the change in call handler names with the change in system time.


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