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Change Unity Server Name

Is there a procedure available for changing the name of the Unity server?

When we changed the Name of the server, Unity startup failed because it was trying to contact SQL server by a (hard coded?) name of the server. Even though a DNS entry was put in referencing the old name to the new name, Unity failed. Changing the server name back to the old name resolved the issue.

Reason for changing name: physical relocation of server. Name identifies site and server use.


Pat Hampson


Re: Change Unity Server Name


Sounds like you hit CSCdx44295 (this has been fixed in 3.1(5)). Here's the workaround:

If the Cisco Unity server name is changed after SQL Server 2000 or MSDE 2000 is installed and before the Cisco Unity Server Configuration wizard is run, Cisco Unity does not start.

SQL uses the server name that is specified during the SQL setup. Cisco Unity, however, uses the NetBIOS server name. If the names do not match, Cisco Unity does not start.


1. Open a command prompt window.

2. Enter osql -E.

3. At the “1>” prompt, enter EXEC sp_dropserver .

4. Enter GO.

5. Enter EXEC sp_addserver , 'local'.

6. Enter GO.

7. Restart the Cisco Unity server.

8. Open a command prompt window.

9. Enter osql -E.

10. At the “1>” prompt, enter SELECT @@SERVERNAME.

11. Enter GO.

The new server name you entered should be returned, and Cisco Unity should start.

12. Close the command prompt window.

Good luck!


Cisco Employee

Re: Change Unity Server Name

Sounds like you may have run into CSCdx44295. Changing the name of the server will cause problems for both Unity and MSSQL. Unity's dependeceies on the name change have been addressed with a fix in 3.1.5.

There's some other steps that need to make SQL happy (and these steps should have been in the release notes...I'm already working on getting the info there). These steps for MSSQL can be found at this link..;en-us;Q303774

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