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Changing exchange 5.5 message store server

I have a customer that needs to upgrade their message store server but they need to move everything to a new server with a new name and new ip address. They are running Unity 3.1(x)...[don't know the version off hand, sorry, but I think it is 3.1(5)], and Exchange 5.5. Everything is going to be in the same site, and the Domain controller isn't the Unity server.

Is there a guide that I could send to my customer that would walk them through the process of how to move the message store from one server to the other and how they would go about having Unity sync up with the new server that has a different name and ip address? It sounds like it would be pretty simple and that you would just have to move everything from one server to the other and change a small setting on Unity by updating the name and ip address that the messages are stored…Is there a disconnect/reconnect object that I can change in Unity for where the messages are stored?

I saw this link that goes over the exchange 2000 move but I can’t seem to find one for exchange 5.5:

Does the customer need to download any type of applications from (i.e. “BulkUserLogout, or something else)


Cisco Employee

Re: Changing exchange 5.5 message store server

If you 're at 3.1(5) you should be able to just run the configuration setup (part 2 setup) again and point it at the new Exchange server - this should force a sync of what's in the SQL database with the directory (i.e. if the mailboxes were all toasted when the Exchange server went down it'll create them on the fly).

if you're at an older version of 3.1 it gets more complex since the configuration setup wasn't as sophisticated...

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