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Changing HDS Database location on HDS server?

One of my customers had an IPCC solution installed that included a HDS server. The HDS has a pair of 9GB RAID1 drives for the OS (C:) and 5X36GB RAID 5 drives meant for the database (D:). The vendor installed the database location on the C: for some reason. Does the ICMDBA tool allow us to move the databse to the D: ? If not, is there another way to do this that does not involve backing up the database and rebuilding the HDS? Thanks in advance.

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Re: Changing HDS Database location on HDS server?

ICMDBA does allow for the exporting of historical information to "flat" files a la SQL BCP. Depending upon DB size (which in your case looks very small) this is quite effective.

1) Run some historical report that will give you a metric of data (e.g. a 30 day report).

2) Backup the Db to tape or to external file

3) Export the history (place it on the D: drive)

4) Delete the hds db and devices

5) rebuild the hds db using ICMDBA placing the data device on the D: drive and the log device on the C: drive (I'm assuming that these are on seperate RAID channels).

6) Import history via ICMDBA to Db

7) Start services and rerun the same report from #1 above and confirm metric

8) Review HDS retention periods and confirm compliance with business needs.


P.S. this might be a good time to delete and reload ICM on the D: drive if it was placed on C: as well and check what else can be moved off of C: on to D: - maybe the \software directory?

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Re: Changing HDS Database location on HDS server?

The simple solution is to move data device in SQL server. But by default, the 'sp_movedevice' is not in master database, you have find it in SQL book online, and add it into master database.

(1) Stop ICM service,

(2) Run from isql:

sp_movedevice , ''

(3) Stop SQL server

(4) Manually copy HDS data device into RAID5 drive.

(5) Start SQL again.

(6) If the HDS database is marked as 'suspect', run “sp_resetstatus databasename” and restart server.

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