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Changing ISDN number types using MGCP

My understanding of the Cisco dial plan is that when using the 9.@ numbering plan and the gateway settings are set to callmanager. The ccm tries to set the calling number type correct but when using explicit matches such as 9.1xxxxxxxxxx the ccm does not know what to mark it so it marks it unknown or you can mark it whatever you want on the gateway page but it will apply to all calls. This does not seem like a good setup to me so I hope I am missing something. It seems there should be a way to mark the calling number type in the route pattern or something. So your international calls will be marked correct etc.

If this is not the case I am trying to come up with other work arounds. I was thinking of making a voice translation rule that would correctly mark the calls and apply it directly to the voice port but I am not sure how that would work in MGCP mode since the q931 is backhualed to the CCM.

How do you guys handle this situation?


Re: Changing ISDN number types using MGCP

Try using different partitions and assign the route patterns to the partitions (local, LD, Int'l, blocked, toll-free, etc.) When the route pattern is a best match the call will be categorized as such in the RTMT and CDR logs.

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Re: Changing ISDN number types using MGCP

I think you misunderstand my problem. I am trying to ensure I send the proper called number type to the service provider in the isdn q931 messages.


Re: Changing ISDN number types using MGCP

Hi Gene,

That is true when Under GW config the option selected is CallManager

The Cisco CallManager sets the directory number type

You can configure that in the GW itself.

Check under your MGCP GW (PRI) the following options:

Calling party IE number type unknown

Called party IE number type unknown

Called Numbering Plan

Calling Numbering Plan



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