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Changing Max Calls/Busy Trigger on multiple lines?

Has anyone had success changing the Max Calls and Busy Trigger settings on multiple instances of a shared line in CallManager 4.x?

We have our helpdesk lines on over 30 phones and we keep getting one or two when we replace a phone that get set to a busy trigger of 2 instead of one accidently - if you can't find those then all the other phones can't force the line to failover to the rollover line and calls fill up the first line.

There's no propogate settings for this feature - nor any way to "change all phones with this line" on the line management page.

We tried BAT - but the "Update Line" optin can never seem to grab a specific line on multiple phones - it only modifies it on one phone, or if you try the "All phones with Description begins with "IT-" option for instance combined with an "AND line = 2" (our helpdesk linme is line 2 on all phoens - it doesn't show any phones...

Anyone come up with a good solution for this frustrating problem?

- Ken

New Member

Re: Changing Max Calls/Busy Trigger on multiple lines?

We are having the same issue. If it is a shared Line then BAT craps out. We did an upgrade for 600 phones from 3.3 to 4.1(3) and the customer has two lines with the same extension on every phone and they only want one call on the first line and busy to the second line and for some reason CCM has some calls with a busy trigger set to 1 and for other it set it to 2 and I cant use BAT. I am trying to see if we can get some automated script that can do this through AXL.

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