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Changing password Error with AVDSAD and AVDSGlobalCatalog

Unity 3.1(3) Unified Messaging

Active Directory

Exchange 2000

I have a customer that would like to change the Unity account password....

So..... I went into AD and changed the Unity service account that was used to setup Unity and changed the password to something new... Next, I went to each service that was associated with the Unity service account and changed the Logon As to the appropriate new password.

I rebooted the Unity box and noticed that two services did not start the AVDSAD and AVDSGlobalCatalog service failed to start. You could get these services to start by going back into the Logon As tab and re-typing the new password. The service would then start.

What happens after 10 or so minutes is the Unity account used to install Unity becomes locked. If you unlock the account it locks over the next couple minutes.

If you reboot the Unity server the above process starts all over again.

One thing to note: They did change their Global Catalog Server to another server, which we changed the registry to reflect the new GC.

I don't understand what the problem could be. Do you need to re-run the second half of the Unity configuration process to re-sync login\password information?????

Thanks for the help

Cisco Employee

Re: Changing password Error with AVDSAD and AVDSGlobalCatalog

odd... you changed the password on the account or changed the account entirely? Are you sure you got the permissions/rights correct on this guy?

be sure to grant the "log on as batch" option to that account - there's a known MS bug where the password in the SCM is scrambled if you don't do this - however not that frequently or regularly.

Presumably the other Unity related services are associated with "system" here or is this a mixed 55/2k site where the message facing services are associated with a domain account?

Anything of interest in the application event log during the Unity startup process?

Not sure what would be causing the old account to lock up...

Community Member

Re: Changing password Error with AVDSAD and AVDSGlobalCatalog


This isn't a new account; it is the same account (just changing the password). I can't see anything in the application log that would be of interest. It's completely weird, I can start the service, but only after the unity server is up and running and all other services have started.

The odd thing is that the Unity account becomes locked after a period of time (within AD). So I thought maybe there is another service that has an old password associated to its login account. This isn't the case.

Oh, and there really isn’t anything installed on this server other that Unity. I thought maybe there was a third party app holding up the services login process, not the case.

Cisco Employee

Re: Changing password Error with AVDSAD and AVDSGlobalCatalog

Did you add the "log on as batch" right for the account (see me grasp at staws here)?

I wish I had some remotely intelligent theory as to why the account is becoming locked but I sure don't... I'll poke around the newsgroups and see what can be found.

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