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Changing Subject line from Unity Messages


Does anyone know how to go about changing the subject line of an e-mail from a Unity subscriber in a Unified messaging environment. Right now it says "Message from <Subscriber Name>" in the subject line. We would like to inform the user that the message has been generated by Unity and is a voicemail message. We are trying to prevent accidental deletions, etc.

Please help. Thanks much!


Re: Changing Subject line from Unity Messages

Unfortunately the string "Message from " is compiled into BrandingRes.dll and therefore isn't configurable. You might want to make a feature request with your account team.


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Re: Changing Subject line from Unity Messages

If you download this utility you will be able to change the string to whatever you want.

you may have to disable windows file protection first. I did so I am not sure if it will work without it.

after you have downloaded resource hacker, open it up and then browse to the brandingres.dll which is in C:\CommServer\Localize\Resources\ENU

open up the .dll and expand string table then expand 32 then select 1033. On line 500 you will see the string you wish to modify. after changing it to your preference (leaving the %s" variable), compile then save the file. then put windows file protection value back to 0 in the registry and reboot. The subject line of voicemails will now read what you specified in the .dll

to disable WFP go to regedit

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\


and change the SFCDisable value to ffffff9d then reboot

when you are done change it back to 0

I am sure this is not supported by Cisco and I apologize for posting this if it is a big deal. But it works and is very easily accomplished.


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Re: Changing Subject line from Unity Messages

Thanks a lot for the tip!

Not sure if I'll do it, but its good to have options.

Thanks again!

Cisco Employee

Re: Changing Subject line from Unity Messages

Just for the record, this is most definitely not supported by the BU, TAC or anyone at Cisco. You are, in short, messing with binary files in the buff.

We have snappy little file checker tools designed just to spot stuff like this - just be aware if you have a problem and any binary file is found to be modified you will be asked to reinstall from scratch regardless of if that file has anything to do with the problem you're having or not. I know it sounds harsh but we simply can't be expected to wander into someone's system they've been hacking up and figure out what all might have been tampered with and what it's effects might be.

Re: Changing Subject line from Unity Messages

I thought of a few options which might work for your site without making customized 'non-supported' changes to Unity:

1. Check the 'Deleted messages are copied to the deleted items folder' box in the COS Table for your users (found in the Messages section). This works unless of course all of your users have set automatic delete of this folder upon exiting Outlook.

2. Are your users running the ViewMail for Outlook client? This shows a different icon because voicemail has a different message class than email. You could select the Field Chooser in Outlook to display the icon for users.

3. Voicemails have a message class of ipm.note.voice.unity. You could select the Field Chooser in Outlook for Message Class to display.

For items 2 and 3, depending upon your version of Outlook, there is a template file for group policies that could be used to display these fields for the users without changing each of the desktops.

Something else I do personally, is edit the subject line with the voicemail open to make a single voicemail message's subject more informational. This works really well for external calls. Once I listen to a voicemail and discover who has called, I can edit the subject line and put the person's name and number in. Since we don't have callerid implemented throughout our entire County, occasionally voicemails come in with default numbers that are not the real number of the calling party.

Have a great New Years!

Sincerely, Ginger

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