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Changing the domain name

How would Unity be affected if we changed the domain name of the 2000 server running Unity and Exchange 5.5? <br><br>


Re: Changing the domain name

well... changing the domain name on the server that Unity is running on will cause Exchange grief, I know that. More or less it'll go into the ditch and, of course, it'll drag Unity along with it.

The only Unity specific issue here I can think of is the account names used for our services would need to be manually updated and all that good stuff, but Unity itself is not specifically aware of the domain name we're operating in. We do everythign through Exchang so you can change the NT account associated with mail users in Exchang all you want and we wont care.

I'm thinking the slice of pain you'll cut off for yourself will be large, however, since I tried to figure out all the steps needed to change the NT 4.0 domain name out from under Exchange 5.5 last year on a similiar problem and I could never get it to fly (Unity was not even installed on the box). There may be some info in MSDN about this but I couldn't find it digging around this morning.

If somone knows the magic to make this work, let me know.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
Cisco Systems (new page for Unity support tools and scripts)

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