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Changing the 'wav' codec. WARNING-DON'T DO IT!!!!!

Dear All,<br>Whilst i know it is possible to change the recording format of Unity to a lower rate, i suggest not changing it from experience.<br>Recently a customer decided to change the codec in order to have a smaller 'wav' file size in the exchange server.<br>The change was made and unity worked fine.<br>All user's (locally) downloaded the codec and could play/record etc using the new format.<br>The client also has TTS (text to speech for exhange).<br>When they listen to voice mail they also listen to email, and can also reply of course. Now, when replying to a email using voice, the return 'attachment' that is sent to the outside person (email) will be in the new lower recorded format. Not in the standard 'wav' sample rate.<br>So what you say!<br>The outside person, on receipt of the email can't open the attachment 'cause their media player doesn't have the codec that you installed locally!<br><br>Moral of the storey:<br>"DON'T CHANGE THE DEFAULT RECORDING FORMAT!!!!!!!!!!!"<br><br>Sure you can send the codec ..blah blah blah.., but do you really want to have the client send it to ALL their contacts??<br><br>Take it me from me(and the client) first hand,<br>'Don't do it!'<br><br><br>


Re: Changing the 'wav' codec. WARNING-DON'T DO IT!!!!!

This is covered in our documentation... yes, if you switch to a codec not natively supported by Windows (i.e. the 3K ADPCM format) you'll have this issue.

This will be a problem for other codecs coming down the pike such as G279 and the like. Folks will need to make educated decisions on the trade offs here. I don't think a blanket "don't do it" is appropriate, however. Lots of folks are happy with the lower bandwidth option since they don't do a lot of external messaging.

this is why the default is 8k MuLaw (lots of folks ask me that). Windows supports it natively.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect
Active Voice


Re: Changing the 'wav' codec. WARNING-DON'T DO IT!!!!!

The point i was looking to make was that its fine to do it internally, but there are ramifications for OUTSIDE persons when sending email to the client.

I.e "The Big Picture"

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