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check attendant console version


How can I check the AC version on CCM side ?

We have a customer running attendant cosole, the downloadable plgin on the server side was ver 1.1.1. But the client PC was running AC 1.1.3 .

If Upgrade AC, What will be affected on the CCM ?



Re: check attendant console version

If you look at the Help->About menu on the Attendant Console software while it's running on the client PC, it will show you both the client version and the server version that it's connected to. I don't know of a convenient way to tell the version from the server side.

You should really run the latest version of Attendant Console by contacting TAC and requesting they make it available to you. Attendant Console 1.2(1) is available for download, but there are engineering special releases available only from TAC or through CallManager upgrades that fix a number of showstopper bugs. Be sure to re-download and install the new client version on each client PC after the upgrade. Also watch for CallManager service releases on older versions of CallManager downgrading the TCD service to AC 1.1; you may need to reinstall AC 1.2 after applying those.

I haven't done an Attendant Console replacement on a CallManager in a while, as recent versions of CCM do come with the latest engineering special release of AC 1.2. I believe it does require a reboot of the CallManager.

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