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Cisco 2600 with FXS/FXO

I have a office in Germany (HQ) and office in India.

In both the offices 3 pesons are working.

I need to cummunicate within these offices and both the offices can dail & receive local call of other ends.

I mean a employees of German office can call any phone in India and receive calls from India.

And vice-versa for employees of India.

What do I need at both ends to make this work?

What hardware? Software? Phones?

What about if I purchase Cisco 2600 and FXS/FXO cards form the "EBAY", will it work?

New Member

Re: Cisco 2600 with FXS/FXO

If your goal is only for intra-office and inter-office dialing you would only need FXS ports. If you plan to connect to the PSTN at either/both side(s) then you will need FXO ports as well.

You can use a 2600 with NM-2V and two 2-port FXS or you can use a 1760-V with the appropriate FXS ports and DSPs.

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