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Cisco 7905G Change back from H.323 to Skinny

HI, all

Have a problem to go back from H.323 firmware to sccp...

I just upgraded it from skinny to h.323 with CCM 3.3(2) but now with the H.323 firmware there is only the way with tftp... the phone gets the profile... the upgradecode is upgradecode:3,0x501,0x0400,0x0100,0,69,0x021114c,ld0100sccp021114c.zup...but the phone comes back with the h.323 firmware... i see nothing in the logging (tftp). It gets the profile and thats all..:-(

Any Ideas ?

Thanks in advance


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Re: Cisco 7905G Change back from H.323 to Skinny

When the Cisco IP Phone 7905G powers up, contacts the TFTP server to download its profile. The profile is a list of triplet TLVs (tag/length/values) that can be encrypted with a shared secret key using RC4 cipher. The Cisco IP Phone 7905G stores the profile locally in an internal nonvolatile cache, so that the phone can continue to operate even when the TFTP server is unavailable. The phone periodically refreshes its cached profile from the TFTP server. The interval between refresh attempts is specified by the CfgInterval parameter.Use the H323example.txt file as a template for creating the text based profile for your Cisco IP Phone 7905G. The procedure for this is given in the documents:

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Re: Cisco 7905G Change back from H.323 to Skinny

Thanks ...

just did not read the part withe the cfgfmt.exe (convert to bin)

after that everything was fine :-)

rtfm :-(



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