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Cisco 7960G and Firmware Upgrades

is there a certain upgrade path i have to take to upgrade the SIP firmware on my 7960G. i got the phone, and upgraded it to 6.1 successfully, then i went and tried to upgrade to 7.5, and all the phone would do is come up and say "Protocol Application Invalid" I was able to revert back to 6.1 and salvage the phone. i was just wondering if i had to go through each revision until i get to 8.2?



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Re: Cisco 7960G and Firmware Upgrades

Hi Rob

See this link:

The table states that to go from SIP 5 or 6.x to 7.x you need to do procedure D, and the '2' footnote says you can't go straight to 7 but need to go to 6.3 first.

Clear as mud?

Hope this helps..


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Re: Cisco 7960G and Firmware Upgrades

ok, well i have upgraded to 6.3, when i tried to go to 7.6, i got the Protocol Application Invalid again. I went back to 6.3 again, and tried to apply 7.0 and work from there. I got the same result. i am just confused as to why it is not working. i do have a question. when i look in the OS79XX.txt file i see P003-07-0-00

should that read P0S3-07-0-00 to reference the SIP version?

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