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Cisco ART

Hello ,

I am just about to install ART the Cisco Call Manager for a Bank . I just want to know what i am getting myself into . Will this cause problems ?

What does glass house mean ?

Does it have to be on the publisher or can it be on a separate computer?

I am looking for this to work with no glitches ?

Can this be installed during operating hours ?

By Stopping the IIS ADmin what do i loose while this service is stopped ?

Jim K

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Re: Cisco ART

1. "glasshouse" is synonymous with the Publisher CCM

2. I've installed it several times, it has worked without a hitch as long as you have the latest versions.

3. I don't recommend installing this during operating hours.

4. Don't know about IIS admin, I assume it would affect CM administration via the web interface.


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Re: Cisco ART

Shutting down IIS will also render some of your menus useless on the 7960's. Users will get Host Not Found errors for example if they try to use Corporate Directory or the Info button or something. All these menus call scripts on the webserver that retrieve the information. This includes the Corporate Directory which calls an asp script that does the LDAP search of the directory.

Now of course the phones may failover to a redundant CallManager server, but I'm not sure about this. I don't know if they failover when the webserver is unavailable or only when call services are unavailable. Hmmm.........

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