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Cisco Attendant Console

Does anyone have an idea about this?

I have the Call Attendant Console configured and working. I have 3 attendants configured. My question is how can I have the call go to the second or third console if the first console is busy on the line. Each console has 6 lines configured. I have tried first available, this sends all calls to the first console all the time. Longest idle send the calls in a round robin fashion to all consoles. Is there a way to have the calls go to first console for say 4 rings and then try another console?


Re: Cisco Attendant Console

If you truly want to forward calls after 4 rings, you can use the CFNA (call forward no answer) functionality in CallManager to forward from one attendant to another. The TCD (Telephony Call Dispatcher) at this time doesn't have any functionality to take a call and reroute it if an attendant doesn't answer.

If you want to load-balance - say, try Jane's line 1 first, and if Jane is busy, try Donna's line 1, and if Donna's line 1 is busy, try Jane's line 2 and then Donna's line 2, etc, you can alternate their lines in the WebAttendant hunt-group configuration in CallManager and use first-available routing.

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Re: Cisco Attendant Console

I am under the impression that if you are using the Attendant consoel that you are not supposed to use CFNA on a line. The problem with logest idle is that let's say Jane has 2 lines, Sarah has 2 lines , Susan has 2 lines, it will try each line as longest idle just fine. The problem is that the last entry in the hunt group is pointed to voice mail. The 7 caller will get the auto attendant. If I can use CFNA then that would be great.


Re: Cisco Attendant Console

Yes, that would break longest-idle within a group. However, I'm pretty sure it's supported to build "groups of groups", where you would do something like this:

50001 hunt group, first available

xfer to 50002

xfer to voicemail

50002 hunt group, longest idle

attendant 1

attendant 2


In this manner you may construct more interesting call flows. It would be nice if the telephony call dispatcher service had a means to grab a call back if it's not answered like IPMA can; perhaps this will be added later.

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