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Cisco Call Manager with Gateway

Setup: Lucent PABX (with PRI connect to PSTN1, and Ethernet to local LAN); CCM; AS5300 (with Ethernet and PRI connect to PSTN2);

PABX, CCM and AS5300 on same segment.

CCM configured as any call will route to gateway AS5300. (Already make sure it is working with some other FXS device)


Lucent PABX run as H.323 GW, any call from PSTN1 will throw to AS5300 via IP network, and AS5300 is able to complete call to PSTN2 successfully.


We need to make Lucent PABX throw any call to CCM and let CCM to route the call to AS5300, (Because we need CDR on CCM).


Call never complete. Turn on Debug on AS5300, we can see call successfully go. But seems return call end at CCM and CCM doesn't forward the call back to PABX.

Any solution for this? CCM version 3.0

But if Lucent PABX points to CCM any call is thrown to CCM.


Re: Cisco Call Manager with Gateway

It seems to me that you want to do

call hairpining over PRI B chanels but through a Call Manager.

This is not possible with only one PRI to call manager because;

1. MGCP gateway digital interface can only be seen as one route in the route group

on the call manager i.e CCM can span mutliple PRI's but not channels in a PRI so haipinng is not possible over the same PRI.

2. H323 gateways are seen as on route and the T1 channels to are not visible for span by CCM.

Options available would be .

1. Let CCM control both pri's from AS5300 via mgcp

2.Have all call to pstn go through the CCM to PRI 1 or 2

based on your route-pattern, filer and route groups.

3. You can also control all pbx PRI connection to the CCM through one extra T1 port

on the as5300 via mgcp.

All call incoming or outgoing will now flow through the call manager and

you can get your CDR records.

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