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Cisco Collaboration Server 4.0

We have an installation of Collaboration Server,

where CCS is mainly used for Chat with the callers.

We have CCS 4.0 installed on one machine and Database for CCS is installed on another machine.

Machine A - Win 2000 server,Service Pack 4 and CCS 4.0, on a Pentium - 3 with 2 GB RAM.

Machine B - Win 2000, Service Pack 2 and SQL 7.0 for CCS database on a Pentium - 3 with 3 GB RAM.

CCS was installed for 10 licenses and later 25 additional demo licenses were added to the system, totalling 35 seats.

Issues Reported :

1. When all the agents are busy, i.e. when all the logins are occupied, and Chat Queue increases beyond 60-80 chat sessions in the queue, Chat server Hangs.

Only after rebooting, it starts responding again.

2. Slow Response on Text messages send and receieve, most of the times.

3. Slow login-logout for agents, some times.

4. In a Multi-Session Chat, when an agent is in Ready Mode but there is no chat in queue for some time, agent gets logged out of chat automatically.

5. Chat window flickers sometimes.

These most of the issues are reltaed to the performance, i believe.

Can we do something to improve the performance of the setup.

For your info - One of our engineer had earlier installed SQL 2000 for the database, but for a few performance issues, he had replaced that with SQL 7.0, and performance of the system significantly improved after that, according to the customer.

I dont feel , SQL 7.0 has got any issues with Win 2000 and CCS 4.0.

May anyone please suggest something i could do about it.


Yoginder Pal Taneja

Senior Engineer,

Team Lead, Professional Services,

HCL Comnet Ltd.


Re: Cisco Collaboration Server 4.0

As such any software will have its own limitations . It can support upto to the max number of users. after that its performance degrades. Seems that is the case. May be it will work fine , if you get some more licenses.

Community Member

Re: Cisco Collaboration Server 4.0

You may be running into DDTS CSCma10380 which would cause the chat performance issue. This will be a problem if the Collaboration server does not have access to a DNS server.

If you still have problems after checking into this configuration I would recommend opening a TAC case for more in-depth investigation.

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