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Cisco Enterprise Attendant Console - Calls in queue will be disconnected

Hello Guys,

one of our customers says, that customers will be disconnected from a queue after a specific time.

Today i looked in the configuration and didn´t found a field, where i can configure something like that.

Are there special service Parameters? Or does a call stay in the queue as long as the customer dont hang up?

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Cisco Enterprise Attendant Console - Calls in queue will

There is a maximum wait time overflow. CUEAC will transfer them to the overflow destination at the timer, not disconnect them. If the caller is being disconnected it may be another issue. For example, if the call was transferred to CUEAC by CCX and the Call Consult Transfer step was used the timeout parameter on that CCX step may be aborting the transfer and hanging up. Also be sure that the no answer ring duration is set to something high on your CUEAC template device; I typically use 300.

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Cisco Enterprise Attendant Console - Calls in queue will

Hi Daniel,

Is that time 3 minutes by any chance?

Within the CUCM there is a timer called T301, this timer specified how long a call can ring for before it is terminated by the CUCM.

The time can be found under System > Service Parameters, select your Server and then select the Cisco CallManager Service and you will find the timer.

By default this timer is set to 180000ms which is 3 minutes, you can change this to a maximum of 900000ms which is 15 minutes.

The other option is to configure Held Calls on the CUEAC server, this will answer the calls and place them on hold immediatley and play whatever MoH source is configured against your CTI Ports. With this configured the call has been answered and therefore that timer will not be triggered, the only thing you need to consider with enabling this is that your caller will be charged for the call from the time it is picked up and placed on hold.

Hope this helps.

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