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Cisco Expressway Deployment - Need Help

Dear Experts;

I have just now deloyment CUCM , UNITY CONNECTION AND CUPS with the following versions:


System version: - CUCM

System version: - CUPS


I have configured Jabber which is working internally perfectly. For using Jabber outside network is creating confusion for me. Some experts are saying configure Anyconnect VPN on firewall and start using Jabber from outside but i don't to deployment like this. Again through this forum i got to know about cisco expressway E/C  which collobarate without using VPN.


I have again confused as i am not fimiliar about this application. some expert adviced me its a recommended solution from cisco therefore i want to follow this path. My aim is to use Jabber without VPN from outside but should be secure. Is it free application if someone using the above versions of cucm and cups.


One more thing , someone saying use VCS so what is the difference between VCS AND CISCO EXPRESSWAY E/C.


Please advice me step by step configuration  procedure to acheive my aim. I will be very grateful for you experts forever. waiting for your help.




Cisco Expressway does NOT

Cisco Expressway does NOT require VPN when using Jabber, It works in pairs; one Expressway in the DMZ and one in the internal segment,  I believe that cisco will not support Jabber 9.6 to work with it, although apparently it can, so wait for jabber 9.7




VCS expressway is Cisco Expressway, once you enable the licence on the VCS, the name changes. that is all, dont get confused mate!

or check my post:


all good

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Jabber 9.7 got released over

Jabber 9.7 got released over the weekend, so is available now.

Release notes:

The thing to note though is that MRA will not be supported by TAC until Expressway 8.1.1 which is due out soon. So the jabber client is supported at the moment when on 9.7, but you have to wait for 8.1.1 to come out to get end to end support.

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