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Cisco Gatekeeper x Vocaltec Gatekeeper

Dear all,

I am trying to connect a Cisco Gatekeeper to a Vocaltec gatekeeper but when I try to pass call the call is reject. Can someone help me ?

Gatekeeper Configuration:

zone local XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX

zone remote YYY.YYY.YYY.YYYY 1719

zone prefix 011509*


interface Ethernet0

h323-gateway voip interface

h323-gateway voip id ipaddr XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX 1718

dial-peer voice 36509 voip

destination-pattern 011509T

voice-class codec 1

session target ras


At Gatekeeper:

6d03h: rassrv_get_addrinfo(0115092460100): Matched zone prefix 011509 and remain

der 2460100

6d03h: rassrv_put_remote_zones_from_zone_list() zone

6d03h: gk_rassrv_sep_arq(): LRQ suspension point failed (return code = 0x4009)

At Gateway

1d04h: csim: called number = 0115092460100, loop count = 1 ping count = 0

1d04h: ccAppInitialize (name=CSIM

, appHandle=0x627B2D48)

1d04h: csimSetupPeer peer type(2), destPat(0115092460100), matched(6), target()

1d04h: ccCallSetupRequest (Inbound call = 0xFFFFFFFF, outbound peer =36509, dest


params=0x627B2388 mode=0, *callID=0x627B2750, prog_ind = 0)

1d04h: ccCallSetupRequest numbering_type 0x0

1d04h: dest pattern 011509T, called 0115092460100, digit_strip 0

1d04h: callingNumber=, calledNumber=0115092460100, redirectNumber= display_info=


1d04h: accountNumber=, finalDestFlag=0,


1d04h: peer_tag=36509

1d04h: ccIFCallSetupRequestPrivate: (vdbPtr=0x61DC22B0, dest=, callParams={calle

d=0115092460100,called_oct3=0x0, calling=,calling_oct3=0x0, calling_xlated=false

, subscriber_type_str=, fdest=0, voice_peer_tag=36509},mode=0x0) vdbPtr type =


1d04h: ccIFCallSetupRequestPrivate: (vdbPtr=0x61DC22B0, dest=, callParams={calle

d=0115092460100, called_oct3 0x0, calling=,calling_oct3 0x0, calling_xlated=fal

se, fdest=0, voice_peer_tag=36509}, mode=0x0, xltrc=-5)

1d04h: cc_insert_call_entry: not incoming entry

1d04h: cc_insert_call_entry: entry's incoming FALSE. is_incoming is FALSE

1d04h: ccCallSetContext (callID=0xADB, context=0x627674AC)

1d04h: cc_api_supported_data data_mode=0x10002

1d04h: cc_incr_if_call_volume: remote IP is

1d04h: cc_incr_if_call_volume: hwidb is Ethernet0

1d04h: cc_incr_if_call_volume: added for entry: 16, voip: 16, mmoip: 0

1d04h: cc_api_call_disconnected(vdbPtr=0x61DC22B0, callID=0xADB, cause=0x15)

1d04h: csim_do_test: cid(2779), ev(11), disp(0)

1d04h: csimTraceSct: cid(2779),st(0),oldst(0)

1d04h: csim err csimDisconnected recvd DISC cid(2779)

1d04h: ccCallDisconnect (callID=0xADB, cause=0x15 tag=0x0)

1d04h: cc_api_icpif: expect factor = 0

1d04h: cc_decr_if_call_volume: the remote IP is

1d04h: cc_decr_if_call_volume: hwidb is Ethernet0

1d04h: cc_decr_if_call_volume: reduce callnum of entry: 15, voip: 15, mmoip: 0

1d04h: cc_api_call_disconnect_done(vdbPtr=0x61DC22B0, callID=0xADB, disp=0, tag=


1d04h: cc_delete_call_entry: not incoming entry

1d04h: cc_delete_call_entry: entry's incoming FALSE. is_incoming is FALSE

1d04h: csim_do_test: cid(2779), ev(12), disp(0)

1d04h: csimTraceSct: cid(2779),st(2),oldst(0)

1d04h: csim: loop = 1, failed = 1

1d04h: csim: call attempted = 1, setup failed = 1, tone failed =




Re: Cisco Gatekeeper x Vocaltec Gatekeeper

Hi Samy,

You have successfully register cisco gk to vocaltec gk via interdomain? I'm also doing some testing on cisco and vocaltec interop. Can you post some config on cisco and vocaltec?



New Member

Re: Cisco Gatekeeper x Vocaltec Gatekeeper

I think the main issue with interoping between cisco and Vocaltek is h235 security, and the hashing algorithm is different on both sides, hence the incompatibility issue. I will bet the LRJ you are getting has a reason: security denial.

You may be successful registering a cisco Gateway to a Vocaltek Gatekeeper, but not the other way around.

As far as peering at Gatekeeper level, my company has done some serious development in that arena and we have a viable solution. check us out at, or send me a mail ( and i will forward you some more up to date info. i hope this helps.



Re: Cisco Gatekeeper x Vocaltec Gatekeeper

i heard cisco new IOS barred the interdomian with vocaltec GK as their

partnership did work well. Although they interop but new version may no longer be.

I do not know how true is this, maybe cisco can verify this statement.


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