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Cisco IP AutoAttendant!!! (Need Big Help)


Recently, I have been setting up Cisco IP AutoAttendant. According Cisco web site that "The Cisco IP AA works with Cisco IP Softphone or Cisco IP Phones (7960). When connected to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) with the appropriate voice gateway , the application can receive and answer calls form plain old telephone service (POTS) devices."

So, people use plain phone call from outside through PSTN to our company and then go through Voice Gateway. Reaching our Cisco IP AA and CallManager, so that allow the caller to select an appropriate extension or other functionality.

What appropriate voice gateway Cisco talking about? We have 1750 router with FXS voice card in our company, can we use 1750 as voice gateway connect to PSTN?? How to do that or how to configure?? Or what else equipment I need???

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Re: Cisco IP AutoAttendant!!! (Need Big Help)

Cisco voice gateway family includes:

- Cat 6000 T1/E1 service modules

- Cat 4000 Gateway

- DT-24+ / DT-30+

- ISDN BRI / PRI module

- Any FXS/FXO/E&M module (for 1700/2600/3600)

1750 and it's FXS can be used as a voice gateway, but what you normally want is to get an ISDN PRI in, with all your voice channel to the PSTN.

The voice gateway is used to convert voice channel to RCP data stream, which is then carried across your IP network to the IP phone (once the signalling as been completed by your call manager).

Re: Cisco IP AutoAttendant!!! (Need Big Help)


you must have a very small requirement for talking to the outside world if you only want to use a 1750! You really should be looking at an E1/T1 connection or even multiple BRI. To put a call manager into an office and then connect only analogue lines would be like buying a Ferrari and never using anything past 2nd gear.

As a voice gateway try the VG200 or a 2600 as a starter with the appropriate modules (NM-HDV -xxx / NM-2V with vwic-bri), you could then look at FXO ports in the 1750 as a back up to your ISDN.

What other Lan infrastucture do you have? it may be that the appropriate modules could be added to what you already have.

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Re: Cisco IP AutoAttendant!!! (Need Big Help)

It can be any voice gateway (1700, 2600, 3600, vg200, etc). It doesn't matter if you use FX or T1 cards. You already have the voice gateway.

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Re: Cisco IP AutoAttendant!!! (Need Big Help)

I think you can only use a 2620,21, or 3640 to h323 for your gateway. If you go to CCO and search on 1750 it will help you. 1750 is not a good product.

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Re: Cisco IP AutoAttendant!!! (Need Big Help)

Hey Guys

Thanks for help.

However, I want to know how to use 1750 connect to PSTN, so that people use plain phone (regular phone number)call from outside into our company. Then reach IP AA. Anybody has idea?? Or is there anyway I can test after setting up or configuring IP AA???

Because there is no example in Cisco to test IP AA??


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