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Cisco IP Phones Logout profile

Hello all,

I have a pretty annoying concern for deploying at a client the Cisco IP phones having a very specific logout profile:

Call Manager version is 4.2(3)

IP Phones used are 7941, 7961, 7911 and 7970.

Client wants to have extension mobility with every user having a login/logout on every type of phone.

Also, and this is where i have a problem, the user wants to have a logout profile having the following features:

- when phone is logged out, no internal nor external calls should be done

- when phone is logged out, only emergency numbers should be available (i.e 911)

- The phone should not display any particular extension as the users will be lost having one extension on logged is profile and another one when they are logged out.

- The logged out phones should not be called.

I have tried to configure shared line with a specific extension digit ("!"). All phones that are logged out are displaying the ! sign as extension number. Privacy feature has been enabled on the shared line property.

The user did not like this setup as when i did a off-hook from a logged out phone in order to dial an emergency number, all the off-hook status leds of the 7961 and 7941 phones lit up :( and the 7911 phones showed as well the off-hook status on this shared line.

Is there please another way to do, in order to have the expected result?

Thank you all for your help, it will be precious.


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