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Cisco PA's route point problem

I recognize the interceptor point, PA access number which need to setup CTI route point and are assigned with JTAPI user. However, the CTI route point in CCM always show "NOT FOUND". I have checked that the CCM and PA service components are up and running. So, Could anyone advise how I can trace the problem of CTI route point failure?

Thanks a lot.

Note: CCM 4.1(3)sr3b, PA 1.4(3)


Re: Cisco PA's route point problem

you must ensure your JTAPI is configured properly in PA (under serverConfiguration & telephonyConfiguration of PA administration). this is most likely the cause.


be sure RP is in proper PA CSS.

be sure RP is deviceAssociated to PAUSER; no primary ext.

basically though, once the RP is associated with the PAUSER and the PA JTAPI configured properly, the RP should register! :)

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Re: Cisco PA's route point problem

Thanks for your reply.

I have checked that several times and still show NOT FOUND.

Belows are the procedures.

1) On CCM, create user with userid = "pauser" and assign the RPs and media ports with it.

2) On PA > telephony, create one Jtapi (userid="pauser") and Skinny profiles.

3) On PA > server configuration, select "Jtapi" profile for items Route Address Provider and Interceptor Port Provider. Add RP number to the route address field....etc

Are there any traces, error logs or troubleshooting guide that I can follow to?

Thanks for help.

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Re: Cisco PA's route point problem

Can anyone give me a hand? Thanks.

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