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Cisco Security Agent - DNS call routing on Multihomed PC

CSA-Route specific DNS call to specific NIC on multihomed PC

We have multihomed 2 network card PC that need csa configuration. We have an application that runs of off a browser that connects to our network.

Fist of all, we are having this problem because there is no internet access on our network. Furthermore, I have 2 network cards connected to two different networks on each PC requiring to connect to our network. We need to get to a point where my DNS call will run through our dedicated network card and not through other network card.

Furthermore, The issue I am having is that when program launches using the dns adress through the browser, Windows attempts to contact The subsequent DNS call creates an extended timeout that causes our program to launch slowly.

I am questioning if CSA can be so granular as to direct just that DNS call to the NIC connected to our network, and not the NIC connected to the other domain.

Considering CSA could answer my needs, how would I need to configure so it does?

Thanks in advance for your response

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