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Cisco TAPS - Logon Error


I have a problem when I try to start CISCO TAPS in Windows Services Window.

It says: Couldn't start the Cisco TAPS service on Local Computer. Error 1069: The service did not start due to a logon failure.

In Log On, I have Log on as: This account: .\CCMServiceRW and I don't change the password.

JRE's version is 1.4.2_08.

BAT's version is 5.2(1b)

CRS's version is 4.0(4)

I try to uninstall and install TAPS again but there are no changes.

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Re: Cisco TAPS - Logon Error

If it's gonna make you feel better, I had the same problem 2 weeks ago. Did some research and found a bug with a workaround to start TAPS from the command line (net start taps). This didn't help at all, so I opened a case with Cisco, who wasted my time and couldn't help me. In the meantime, I scanned all the phones and BATted them into the CallManager. So, either you try to start it from the command prompt or you better start scanning now. BTW, if enough people complain about TAPS and the lack of documentation for it, maybe someone from Cisco will do something about it.

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Re: Cisco TAPS - Logon Error

By default TAPS service uses CCMServiceRW. As a workaround, start the service using administrator account. Change the logon information on Cisco TAPS service using windows services pane. Before starting the service, copy the .java.policy file from C:\Documents and Settings\CCMServiceRW\ to C:\Documents and Settings\administrator\. This is done on CM server where Cisco TAPS service is installed. Try starting the service again.

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Re: Cisco TAPS - Logon Error

I had the same problem, and was able to use the work around that you provided. Thanks for the input.


Re: Cisco TAPS - Logon Error

Check the system log to see the audit failures and verify that is the account having issues. Then reset the password of that account, reset all the services that use that account and try to start the service from a cmd.



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Re: Cisco TAPS - Logon Error

Ok I'll check this.



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Re: Cisco TAPS - Logon Error


It's ok when I reset the account password.

Thanks a lot


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