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Cisco Telephony Services Problem

Hi all,

I have configured a telephony service router and my phones registered to it. I have entered services url as follows : "url services http://XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX/test.xml" (XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX is the IP address of the web server). After that I have reset the phones. But when I pressed the IP Phone services button it gives "Host not found" error. IP connectivity does exist between router and web server. Router is a 1751-V and its IOS is 12.2.13T1. Is there anyone who have solved that problem before?

Thanks in advance.

Erdem Haseki


Re: Cisco Telephony Services Problem

are you using a proxy or isa server for web access?


New Member

Re: Cisco Telephony Services Problem

Erdem -

Any time you put a "." in a URL in the config page CM will automatically try to use a proxy server (whether its a hostname.domain or an IP address). If you have a proxy server configured in CM then the phones will try to access that URL using the proxy server.

FIX: If you are using a Proxy server be sure it is configured to handle your internal requests (therefore if you send it a request for an internal site it will connect to it for you as if it were external)

If no proxy server is used, connect to the host via short hostname (no "."). Be sure the phone's domain is the same as the XML servers domain name. If it isn't you will need to put an alias for it in the same domain as your phones.


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Re: Cisco Telephony Services Problem

hi erdem.

maybe electro22 is right, i didn't know the thing with the dots.

before you get into proxy-configuration, i would suggest following actions first :

- try to ping the phone from the WEB-SERVER. ( ccm??) if it doesn't answer, maybe you have routing problems between different vlans ?.

- make sure, that the root-application on the webserver holds the test.xml-file. this is done over the internet-services-manager. (the root-application of the web-server on the ccm ships with a "under construction"-page only.)

on our site we use an own virtual application called "phoneservices", and have set the url to : http://

- try to open the test.xml with a browser from a client within the same vlan as the phone resides.

- try to configure dns on the ccm-installation. IT HELPS. on the dhcp this is done with options 006 and 015.

good luck,


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