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CISCO TSP: Conference bridge parties disconnection problem

After establishing a conference via lineSetupConference->lineDial->lineAddToConference (and following addition members to the conference (linePrepareAddToConference->lineDial->lineAddToConference), but it is not crusial) I need to physically disconnect parties of conference (or a given party from conference so that it is not able to hear other parties). It is well know fact that Cisco does not support lineRemoveFromConference function (TAPI version is 2.1). So I have to use lineDrop(party's_call_handle) and it works but it physically does not disconnect a party from conference. We can even call lineDrop for conference call but it causes all parties calls to receive

LINECALLSTATE_IDLE message but again all parties can hear each other and it is not good.

Does anybody know any way how we can programmatically disconnect the parties from conference?

Maybe we should change some settings in Cisco Call Manager?

Regards, Ilya.

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