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Cisco TSP in a Citrix/WTS Multi user environment ?

Does someone know if it works with any version of the Call Manager.

I just read something about the Cisco TSP- driver that can use any application that supports TAPI like Outlook and Navision do.

But I didn?t find anything about the compatibility with citrix or wts...

But when I think about I can imagine that it does not work because it's just one Outlook per server in multiple

Maybe you know an alternative way to initiate calls from the desktop.

thanks in advance

EDIT: SORRY- saw there are already some posts relating this issue.

New Member

Re: Cisco TSP in a Citrix/WTS Multi user environment ?

I had tried this exact thing on a Citrix server. Problem was, there is only one logon instance for the TSP and it pulled up the same extension for all Citrix user on that server. After this, I did try it further. Hopefully you will have better luck than I.

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