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Cisco TSP interacting with browser

Hi all!

I have some experience with programming in C# and Cisco TSP. But now I am looking for some integration with Internet Explorer (IE). Is there a way to pass Cisco TSP Line (callStateChanged)events to a brwoser (IE)?

We are having a customer who has this kind of integration with other telephonie systems by loading a com-object into the browser (or via Axtive-X). And via this way the browser / javascript on the page can react on the events.

Is there a way this could also be done with Cisco TSP?

Please let me know! Thanks in advance!

ps. I posted this question also in an other part of this forum, but i might have some more options here ;)


Re: Cisco TSP interacting with browser

What exactly should happen in the browser and when should it happen?

I can hardly imagine somebody sitting on the same page all the time waiting for something. What I have done for a customer (though on a different PBX and using different technology) is open a new tab with a special link if a call comes in (showing whatever data we have on record for the caller). That might or might not be what you are looking for though so you need to be precise in what you want to do.

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Re: Cisco TSP interacting with browser

Hi Stephan,

Thanks for your answer, I do understand it is a bit confusing. I wil try to explain what I would like to have.

There is a company who has build a website/webapplication which combines the functionality of serveral different applications in just one website/web-application.

This program also inlcudes the functionality of a telephone agent. But because this application is webbased and only uses HTML and javascript (AJAX communication) it can not use the standard Cisco TSP to get line events.

This company has done an interface with a non Cisco telephony system via an Active-X object which is loaded by the enduser's browser. Now the browser gets events like incomming call (via javascript, trough the AxtiveX object). The webapplication will update (a part of) the screen via AJAX and communicate with the PBX via the ActiveX obejct.

I know there is a possibility to create a standalone application who uses the Cisco TSP and sends commands to the endusers browser (open a specific url or something). But this is not realy an option because this application requires TSP installation + config on each pc, and the webapplication is ready to use on any pc.

The other company told me also that they do not want to refresh to webpage or open a new (tab)page when specific line events occur. They want to let their webapplication make that choice. They only need a notification of the events (via javascript).

I hope you do understand it a bit more. Thanks for helping me!


Re: Cisco TSP interacting with browser

Well... it looks like you have to go for a two tier approach then. You have a server component which monitors all the phones that need to be monitored using your favorite technology (TSP I suppose since you wrote you have experience with that.. but JTAPI would also work here because you run things on a server). The server component would then throw back some events whenever it is applicable (I'd only return whatever information that web application really needs).

Then you have some kind of plugin that receives those events and which runs in the browser. I must admit that I don't know too much about client side development in a browser (other than silverlight.. with it you can code pretty much like you're writting a standard windows forms app) so you might have to talk to the guys who wrote the web application and ask what would work for them (e.g. does it need to be event based, or could it be a polling mechanism?) If it can be polling, you could do something like this:

You create a webservice which returns "incoming call" events or nothing if there's no call waiting. Then, the ajax app would use xmlrpc to query the webservice once every couple hundred milliseconds and do whatever needs doing if there's a call (there's also the question of how you get from a particular computer, and logged in user (if the webserver where the app runs makes use of single sign on) to a phone number to be monitored.. that could be done by writing the phone number into AD, or having ccm users whose userid matches their domain login, or a database where both things come together).

If polling is not an option, you probably need to write some browser component which would connect to your server, and which has an event interface to which the third party web app can connect to and get the fired events. While I'm fluent with events on client side apps, I cannot help you with that as far as a webbrowser is concerned.

Anyway, I hope that at least gives you an idea. The two tier approach is the standard pattern for cti - a lot of applications out there have a central server which connects to the CCM and turns all the TAPI/JTAPI events into more manageable information to be presented to one or many client computers.

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Re: Cisco TSP interacting with browser

Thanks for your answer,

This was kind of what I was expecting to be the solution(s). For as far as I understand, it needed to be event-based. I do not have any experience with browser plugins, but will have a look on that.

Thanks again!

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