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Cisco UCM - Unable to Authenticate with SIP Softphone


We are looking to do an in-house evaluation of the Unified Call Manager with a fairly simple setup using 3rd party SIP softphones (such as X-Lite). I've taken the time to follow the readme/help sections guide in setting up user and phone accounts, but unfortunately I haven't had any luck connecting and authenticating with a SIP phone.

My setup:

- Cisco MCS 7800 server running

System version:

Administration version:

- The machine and the connecting clients are on the same subnet.

- All services are activated / licensed and the activated phones show up in the licensing report via the CCM webadmin

- User account example:

Device: SIP 3rd Party (Basic)

MAC: Machines MAC address

Device Pool: Default

PhoneButton Template: Third-Party SIP Device (basic)

Common Phone Profile: Standard Common Phone Profile

Location: Hub_None

Presence Group: Standard Presence Group

MTP Prefered Codec: 711ulaw

Tried 2 accounts with and without Digest User Profiles.

After creating the phone with the most basic settings I create the user account (ie: 12345) and match it to the device. I then reset the device on the server and locally and then attempt to connect. It shows up in licensing as a registered device and all matching services have been activated and started on the server afaik. When I attempt connection via X-Lite or another 3rd party SIP device I recieve:

Discovering Network : OK


Registration error: 408 - Request Timeout

I've checked the debug logs on the connecting X-Lite clients and it looks like it is not receiving any information back from the Cisco device. We have no port restrictions on this network or on the connecting machine.

I'm curious if maybe I'm overlooking something obvious? Would I receive this message due to a device misconfiguration on my end?

Also, out of curiosity... where would the client / phone connections/tries exist in the Trace menu?

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