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Cisco Unifed Presence Current Status is stuck in Offline

I have a very unusual issue with Presence. This is for a new deployment for Cisco Unified Communication Manager (Version and Cisco Unified Presence (System version:

Currently, CUCM is not integrated with AD, while Presence has a gateway for AD.

While onsite doing the install, I created a test ID on CUCM and AD. My test ID works great and I can change my status, etc. I can also add my test ID as a contact and can see the status in the contact list as well with no issues.

Now for the problem... When I add an existing user to CUCM and CUP, I can log into CUPC and see and change the users status. I can log in and out of CUPC with no issues. Once that user is added into a conact list, their status will stop working, can not be changed and is stuck in "off line". Oddly enough, the contact list will show available.

Here is an example:

User "Steve" is added to CUP. Steve can log in and out and change his status. While logged in, Steve adds himself to his own contact list. Steve is able to change and see his status with no issue. Once Steve logs out and back into CUPC, he can no longer change his status.

I have all in and out ACL's set up to allow ALL, but still not luck. Very odd and I have Cisco TAC stumped as well.

Any suggestions would be helpful!



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Re: Cisco Unifed Presence Current Status is stuck in Offline


Can you confirm the following, for an existing user, eg. Steve, is the userid, firstname, lastname and telephone number in AD and CUCM the same. If these are not same you could come across some issues. I would recommend you normalize that first.

Now, if all that is fine, need to verify if this issue is happening with existing users only and if so does it happen when they add themselves to their buddy list or happens if they have someone else in their buddy list.

example, if Steve logs in and has Bob in his CUPC buddy list. Can Steve change has status and does Bob see Steve's status?

Also, when Steve has added himself to his buddy list, you say that you cannot change the status of CUPC, but does the CUPC show Steve as available or offline?

If CUPC shows as offline but in the buddy list the user himself shows as available its possibly some issue on CUPC.

Basically, CUPC status is a 2 step process. When the user logs in the client, CUPC sends a msg to server, CUPS to register and then send its status, offline, busy, available, etc. Along with the login process, the client also requests info on status of its buddy list users.

What I am getting at is that status of client and of users in buddy list are sent by CUPS in 2 different SIP messages. Its possible the client is receiving the msg from CUPS for the status of the users in the buddy list but not the msg for the status of the client itself.

Will need to look at traces from the CUPC and presence engine and sip proxy traces from CUPS.


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Re: Cisco Unifed Presence Current Status is stuck in Offline

Thank you for your response! It turns out that since CUCM is not integrated with AD, there was an issue with the user id. The user ID in AD had some upper case characters, but the user ID in CUCM was all lower case. Everything began to work correctly once the user ID in CUCM was set to match exactly the user ID in AD. Very odd, but glad it is now working! Again, thanks for your response!

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