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Cisco Unity 5.0 Build 5.0(1) timer

Where do I find the timer to change when A all goes into voice mail box and then they hangup. Customer does not want hangup calls in voice mail. Is there anyway change the timner on this?


Re: Cisco Unity 5.0 Build 5.0(1) timer

Hi can you describe what is happening exacty?


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Re: Cisco Unity 5.0 Build 5.0(1) timer

When someone calls and hits the voice mail box and hangs up within 1 minutes or so it captures a voice mail message which is hangup. Is there any timer in Unity to change for this? I looked in System Admin and could not find one. I only found timers for recordings. I checked admin tools also.

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Re: Cisco Unity 5.0 Build 5.0(1) timer

Hi Patty,

Maybe this would help :)

Here is some related info;

For g.711

Silence Detection

Cisco Unity disconnects after it hears a specified amount of silence. Cisco Unity recognizes that the caller has stopped the conversation. You can set silence detection settings on the SA in the System > Configuration > Recordings page. By default, Cisco Unity stops recording when it detects two seconds of silence at the time of recordings shorter than ten seconds in length, and three seconds when a recording is longer than ten seconds. Cisco Unity prompts the caller to press 1 or 2 in order to disconnect or continue to record. When Cisco Unity ends the recording process due to silence detection, it trims the silence at the end of the message. This process is automatic and does not require the activation of any special setting in the switch configuration file.

From this doc;

For g.729a

Audio Codecs That Cisco Unity Uses for Calls

For the media stream for calls, Cisco Unity supports the following audio codec formats:

G.711 Mu-Law


Note When the G.729a codec is used, Cisco Unity cannot perform silence detection. Using this codec may result in messages that have long trailing silence or that are entirely silent.

Here are a couple of good threads from Unity master Jeff Lindborg;

Hope this helps!



Re: Cisco Unity 5.0 Build 5.0(1) timer

Thanks Rob again got the awesome information.

One thing to remember is to write down the information that you change so you can go back to the defaults.

Changing these settings might not give you the results you are looking for.

I hope they do, you might need to play around with it.

I have worked with Cisco and Active Voice for a long time and very seldom do we change those settings.


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Re: Cisco Unity 5.0 Build 5.0(1) timer

Thank you.

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