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Cisco Unity Connection 8.6 problem with greeting upload

Hello at all,

i have a realy strange Problem.

I want to upload a Greeting (*.wav-file) to a Call Handler, everything looks fine after uploading and i can also hear (Playback) the massage on the Computer and on my Phone. So i save the Config. After that i want to hear the massage after calling the Call Handler but i hear only "sorry, "CallHandlerName" is not Awailable".

If i make some checks everything looks ok, i have 2 User with sysadmin-role - both can Playback the massage via the Webpage.

But if i take the Phone and call the "Greetings Administrator" - there is no personal Greeting on this Call Handler - and thats my Problem.

If i Record a new massage with the Phone (in the Greeting Admin) it is working - after Uploading a new File (Codec is ok) i can Playback the new file but after Calling the CH, i hear the Massage which i have recordet with the Phone - not the Uploadet. But on the Webpage i hear the Uploadet file.....

Whats wrong????

And yes, i have set this 2 Users as Call Handler Owner.

What should i do??

Please can anyone help me in this case.....

kind regards



EDIT: I have also the Problem, that i can´t upload a File for a User - only the User self can Upload a Greeting, if do this with one of the 2 Admin-Accounts i hear also the System-Massage "sorry, -USERNAME- is not awailaible" and not the uploadet file - at the Webpage i hear the uploadet Massage - it seems to be the same Prob as with the CallHandler. Is it a JAVA-Problem mabye? I have Java JRE Version7 update7 installed and IE8 as Browser....

Certificate is installed, and the CUC is a trusted site......

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Cisco Unity Connection 8.6 problem with greeting upload

Hi Markus,

It could be this bug;

CSCto92753 - Unable to upload wav files and save as greeting or send as message


Unable to upload an  existing wav file, or create a new recording using the PC microphone and  save as greeting, voice name, or send as message. In the case of trying  to send as a message, the user receives a "Failed to Send Message"  error.
You might see Failed to Record Name if attempting to overwrite a Call Handler with a file.
You might also see Unable to save recording due to SSL certificate error.
Cisco Unity Connection versions 7.1(5)ES45, 8.0(3)ES27, 8.5(1)ES37
When  using either the Cisco Unity Connection Administration (CUCA) or the  Cisco Unity Connection Personal Communications Assistant (PCA) web  applications to upload an existing wav file, or create a new recording  using the PC microphone and save as a voice name, greeting, or send as a  message.
In the client side Java Console logs, you see the following exception:
Exception  in thread "Timeout guard" access  denied ( connect,resolve)
In  your client side JRE security profile file....commonly named:   java.policy...add the below entry.  Will need to use the ipaddress of  the Connection server (for a cluster, put an entry for each of publisher  and subscriber).
permission "", "connect,resolve";
If  get a permission error when trying to modify java.policy, then you may  need to set the permissions of the file to not inhearent permissions  from it's parent and not be read-only.  (aka by default the entire JRE  folder is read-only but you need to modify a file within it).
A good  article on the Sun website with more detail on the workaround:


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Aug 12,2012


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Cisco Unity Connection 8.6 problem with greeting upload

Hi Rob,

Thanks for your help but this wasn´t the Problem.

If i upload the File everythings looks ok and i can play the massage - but not with the Phone,...

If i do the same with a Useraccount, the user self can do it (on the same PC) only the Admin-accounts not!

so i think that it is a permissionproblem on the Filesys or so on.....



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Cisco Unity Connection 8.6 problem with greeting upload

Hello, some news for your Info:

I have a CUC-Cluster and yesterday i´m wondering that there is a different greeting on the CUC-01 and on the CUC-02.

I have already restartet the servers and everything was working during one Server was restarting. So it seems that the Servers are "speaking together", also all settings are the same on both Server, only the Greetings are different - so whats the Problem???

Thanks for your help.

Kind regards


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Cisco Unity Connection 8.6 problem with greeting upload


I'm having the same problem. On the publisher server all greetings have the correct wav file but on the subscriber server they are empty. Running 8.6 as well.

Were you able to correct the problem?



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Cisco Unity Connection 8.6 problem with greeting upload

Hi Jose,

I have not solved the Problem, i made a Workarround, i have uploaded the files on the Subscriber - The Files are for System Call Handler - after that, they are working. But on a User-Profile its not realy possibel to Upload the files.

I my opinion its not Work as designed - its a bug.......

kind regards


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