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Cisco VoIP and ACD

What are people using for ACD in their Cisco VoIP-based call centres?

I am just looking for basic inbound call distribution (based on DNIS) to the next available operator, basic IVR (menu prompts, stages), playback of customized hold music/messages, etc. Nothing fancy. Basically what you get with a low-end Cimphony Cintech. The Cisco IP Contact Centre seems like an overkill and costs big $$$!

I have integrated a POTS phones based Cisco VoIP system with Cimphony Cintech on a Norstar ICS KSU. It was a PITA and I would rather avoid doing that again and just go with a pure IP-based "legacy-free" setup if at all possible.

Cisco Employee

Re: Cisco VoIP and ACD

I believe that the next version of Cisco's IP IVR system (most likely a name change as well) will include a low-end ACD IVR system involving agent logins via Java applets on their desktops. I can't be more specific because I am doing some speculation here. You may want to get in on the discussion Bob Clay is giving in January, as this would be a perfect question for him, as he is the Product Manager for this area. The URL to register for this event on Wed 10 Jan from 10-11am PST is

The blurb says: "Converged Voice Applications

with Bob Clay

Wednesday, Jan 10

10:00-11:00 a.m. PST

Engage real-time with experts as they discuss network convergence. Ask Bob Clay questions about how IP-based business applications can make your business more competitive."

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Re: Cisco VoIP and ACD

Thanks for the pointer. I signed up days ago as soon as I saw the announcement.

Unfortunately, I am working against tight time constraints and do not have the luxury of waiting until Jan. 10 for an answer. This time of the year really sucks for getting hold of people for information ;)

I would appreciate hearing from anyone who can recommend a good not-too-expensive H.323-based software ACD. The PakNetX PNX sounded like a good candidate, but the company was acquired by Aspect during early 2000 and the product integrated into their big $$$ CRM portal. I also suppose it would make a great deal of sense to integrate the ACD functionality into a H.323 gatekeeper. I will take a closer look at the gatekeeper products and report back if I find anything interesting.

Cisco Employee

Re: Cisco VoIP and ACD

If you need it to be H.323 based, some vendors may offer something that is based on GKTMP (Gatekeeper Transaction Message Protocol). The protocol API can be downloaded for Solaris or Linux at and click on Gatekeeper Transaction Message Protocol.

Some information/docs about this can be obtained by searching for gktmp from the home page. Not sure if this will help or not.

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Re: Cisco VoIP and ACD

I just completed a Cisco (active voice) UNITY course--it's their recently acquired integrated messaging system.

It would do basic IVR from a basic call routing (voice menus, press 1 for sales, 2 for support, etc...), auto attendant, custom messages. I haven't seen something that would do customized hold messages or music (I believe what you're asking for is like an interalia or similar--some message while they are queuing for an agent. Really easy to setup and easy to integrate--some MS Exchange experience required.

Let me know what you end up doing.


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Re: Cisco VoIP and ACD

we want to setup aironet 340 wireless bridge

between our two office within 10 miles of distance

and we also want setup video over ip between this two office so that we can see the remote office

activities online,so would you please give me a solutions which products we need, and is it possible

over wireless bridge



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Re: Cisco VoIP and ACD

Have you looked @ Cisco ICD. It does ACR Call distribution.

From Rif

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Re: Cisco VoIP and ACD

Have a look at ARC Solutions Call Connect:

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Re: Cisco VoIP and ACD

Take a look at Cintech's Netvia

It can be installed quickly on the CallManager / Cisco Gateways. And is an amazing jewel of a product.

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