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"ciscoEcsbuDestinationType" is not found in the Active Directory Attributes after schema was extended for our Unity 3.1(5) installation.

All other Active Directory Attributes listed on the White Paper were present in our Active Directory.

Not listed on the White Paper but found in the Active Directory Attributes was "ciscoEcsbuSubscriberDestinationType"

White Paper: Cisco Unity Data and the Directory (With Microsoft Exchange)

Please advise if Active Directory Schema needs extending again or advise how to proceed.

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Re: ciscoEcsbuDestinationType

The Adschemasetup.exe, pops out a folder on the desktop of the server you ran it on I think it is called Ldif. Were there any errors, in that file?

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Re: ciscoEcsbuDestinationType

No folder found. See below:

The Schema was extended long before I started this Unity 2.4(6.135) to Unity 3.1(5) upgrade project.

As far as I can determine server that ran Adschemasetup.exe has been FDISKED several times.

Cisco Employee

Re: ciscoEcsbuDestinationType

According to the messaging guys the doc is right. They tell me:

The ldapdisplayname for the attribute is: ciscoEcsbuDestinationType

The admindisplayname for the same is: cisco-Ecsbu-Subscriber-Destination-Type

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Re: ciscoEcsbuDestinationType

In the White Paper, did not locate cisco-Ecsbu-Subscriber-Destination-Type.

The powers that be are going to ask "Why?"

What is the best advice would be for moving forward? - Unity 3.1(5) with SQL and off box 5.5 install. Should we extend the schema again? Should we prceed wth 3.1(5) install?

Cisco Employee

Re: ciscoEcsbuDestinationType

The white paper just needs to call this out - there should be no need to extend the schema again.

If you're attaching to an Exchange 5.5 server you don't even need to extend the schema at all - Unity only uses AD if you're attaching to an Exchange 2000 (if you're mixed 55/2K you need to attach Unity to a 2K server).


Re: ciscoEcsbuDestinationType


The LDIF script with the Cisco Unity schema extensions is located on the

Cisco Unity compact disc 1 in the file Schema\LdifScripts\avdirmonex2k.ldf.

I copied and pasted the section of the LDIF file below. I hadn't noticed this

before. The discrepancy in the attribute name can be seen here. Thanks

for bringing it to my attention.


## ***************************************************************************

## attribute: ciscoEcsbu-SubscriberDestinationType

## ***************************************************************************

dn: CN=cisco-Ecsbu-Subscriber-Destination-Type,

changetype: add

adminDescription: cisco-Ecsbu-Subscriber-Destination-Type

adminDisplayName: cisco-Ecsbu-Subscriber-Destination-Type



isMemberOfPartialAttributeSet: TRUE

isSingleValued: TRUE

lDAPDisplayName: ciscoEcsbuDestinationType

name: cisco-Ecsbu-Subscriber-Destination-Type

oMSyntax: 2

objectCategory: CN=Attribute-Schema,

objectClass: attributeSchema

schemaIDGUID:: kub0JWEoMkeSHz0LHzsE6Q==

searchFlags: 0

partialAttributeSet: TRUE

Community Member

Re: ciscoEcsbuDestinationType

I did remember that Keith covered the point (during Unity 3.0(3) training) that Unity only uses AD if you're attaching to Exchange 2k

We, eventually, will be moving to a exclusively off box Exchange 2k. Unitl then, the plan is to keep all Unity Subscribers in the Exchange 5.5 mail store.

For the move, we had planned to have two Unity servers one in each Mail Store. Then lab test a Exchange 5.5 Export to a Exchange 2k Import.

Jeff, thank you for all your assistance in this AD issue.

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