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CiscoIPPhoneImageFile --> Host Not Found??

Hello! I've just started programming on Cisco IP Phone, the configuration is 7970G + CallManager3.3.

Each time I have the 7970G run the following code:


<Title>Image File Test</Title>

<Prompt>Prompt here</Prompt>





It says "Host Not Found" on the prompt area.

(1)I've triple checked the PNG URL and am able to see the file from a browser use the same URL.

(2)http://x.x.x.x:9876/myproject/start.jsp (which is a CiscoIPPhoneText object) works fine.

Can anyone tell me what's wrong here? And how do I get more debug information/hints from the phone? Thanks a lot for your help!!


Re: CiscoIPPhoneImageFile --> Host Not Found??

I've had problems in the past using URLs with ports when using IP addresses as opposed to hostnames, so if possible you might want to try using either a hostname rather than IP address or else use the default port 80 on your web server to see if that helps...

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Re: CiscoIPPhoneImageFile --> Host Not Found??

Yes, it works w/o the port number! Thanks a lot!


Re: CiscoIPPhoneImageFile --> Host Not Found??

Glad it worked out!

This entry in the Cisco Phone Services FAQ might be of interest, which describes why ip addresses and ports don't tend to mix well with Cisco's IP Phones:

(requires CCO account, which is free)

Re: CiscoIPPhoneImageFile --> Host Not Found??

I think that FAQ Entry is a tad bit outdated. I've never had port issues with the 7960 and after opening a TAC case on port numbers for the 7970, it was eventaully fixed and that fix should've propagated to the IPC in the meantime (I never really checked but since I always set up my apps with pure IP addresses and I'm using http ports != 80 and my apps work fine I'm assuing it's working out at least for the latest loads of the IPC, 7970, 7960 and 7905 (all the phone types I have in my lab).


Re: CiscoIPPhoneImageFile --> Host Not Found??

Good point Stephan!

The FAQ would apply to minatcisco since it's CallManager 3.3 in that particular case.

Most of my port problems have been with the 7970 or IP Communicator. I can't remember the last time I had a problem in that area, but it's just one of those (many) things that we, as Cisco IP Telephony developers, have to watch out for :)

I wonder if Cisco changed their phone firmware to examine the host portion of urls, and if ip addresses are used, it uses HTTP 1.0 to request the URL (along with the port, if necessary)? It would be interesting to see whether there is a difference in which HTTP protocol is used for the request depending on whether hostnames or ip addresses are used...

I noticed that Cisco seems to have changed their Cisco Programming Guides section

and removed a few entries. While it makes sense since the information there was mostly redundant with the info in the SDK, it was a convenient reference. At least the 5.0 documentation is starting to appear as public documentation!

Re: CiscoIPPhoneImageFile --> Host Not Found??

I've checked my case history, and the 7970, back in Mai 2005 even, sent http 1.1 requests even if the host was given only as an IP address.

IPC 2.0+ should be based on the same 7970 code and since my latest apps seem to be running fine (I'm using the latest IPC on my development box for testing), I'd say it's safe to say that at least the "traditional" phones have no issues with this anymore. I don't have any 79x1 models in my lab so I can't speak for those, yet.

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