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CiscoIPPhoneText Help (Make The Phone Dial Upon Pickup)

Hello Everyone,

I am working on a custom directory application for the phones. When I display an entry to the phone which details the information regarding the person they would like to call I want them to be able to pickup the phone and have it automatically dial the number. I am using the <CiscoIPPhoneText> object to send details to the phone as text. I then have a Dial key, a EditDial key and a exit key for going back.

My issue is that when the phone is picked up it will not dial the number displayed on the screen, unless EditDial has been invoked with that particular number. If they push dial and then pick up the handset all works fine, but if editdial isn't used and they pickup it drops them to a dial tone.

Is there a way I can tell the phone using CiscoIPPhoneText that it should dial this number upon pickup? I know the directory object can do it, but my current situation would work best using text. Please let me know. Any thoughts on how to accomplish this at all are appreciated. Thanks.


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Re: CiscoIPPhoneText Help (Make The Phone Dial Upon Pickup)

Oh, one more thing, here is an example of the code being pushed to the phone at this point, once their query is over ...

Info for: Doe, John

Scroll for info, pickup to dial

Title: Assistant Director

Office: 315

Phone: 7354

Email: N/A




Edit Dial






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Re: CiscoIPPhoneText Help (Make The Phone Dial Upon Pickup)


I have noticed it also dial when picking up the handset on a CiscoIPPhoneMenu xml object when the selected menu item URL is Dial:xxxx. So if you replace your CiscoIPPhoneText xml object by a CiscoIPPhoneMenu in which each line contains the same Menu Item URL 'Dial:xxx', it should works.

Off course, the drawback is that it will add a bullet with line number and dial icon on each line.


JM Lacoste

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Re: CiscoIPPhoneText Help (Make The Phone Dial Upon Pickup)


Yeah, in this case I just decided to go back and build a speed directory which functions just like the built in one, and a separate info directory for the aforementioned issue. But thanks for your reply. It does work, but the added bullet presents an issue cosmetically with the program (though I wouldn't mind so much, but the users might).

I wish there was a way to use more than one xml object on the page at once ...



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