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Cius docking station hdmi issue

Hi all, we recently ordered the Cisco Cius together with it's docking station. I would like to output it to our LCD screen.

Apparently the docking station uses display port; so we bought a display port to hdmi cable. Unfortunately it does not work. Whenever I dock the cius I did see a quick hdmi icon on the top left n disappears.

Please advise if there is any other special settings to it.


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Cius docking station hdmi issue

hi ,

Here is a document for this...


Hope that helps!



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Cius docking station hdmi issue

Hi, thanks

ive went thru the document section regarding the HDMI, but it did not help.

Apparently the hdmi selections are all greyed out. Its set on automatic hdmi detection

Is there anything to do with firmware upgrade?

Cius docking station hdmi issue

hi Vansen,

I have a couple of suggestions here .You might  need either of the following ......

1.       With the CP-PWR-CUBE-4= power supply

2.       With PoE 802.3at (must be this spec, older PoE revisions will not

provide enough power to the dock)

You need this part as this provides power to the Dock and for full


Also you will notice if you go to  option Settings > Dock > Audio is greyed


Please let me know if you can try and test out with connecting using the

above power cube and this could be your issue.

Hope this helps!



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Cius docking station hdmi issue

Hi Karthik,

Yes, i have the Power Cube 4 connected to it as power supply.

and Yes, the DOCK --> Audio is greyed out

Similarly the HDMI app: everything is greyed out.

HDMI Connector status: HDMI device enabled

Auto-Connect: Auto-connect available HDMI device *TICK*

Manufacturer: -

Device Model: -

Serial Number: -

Resolution: 1280x720(720p)

Display size: -

Re: Cius docking station hdmi issue

hi Vansen,

It looks like there could be a fault here with the docking station.I recommend   you open a TAC case to look into this.You probably may need to replace / RMA it.



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Re: Cius docking station hdmi issue

hi, ive just got a reply from Cisco technical team from Singapore

Apparently they mentioned that "Only display port to VGA works at the moment"

"There will be a multi staged roadmap to bring things fully to final capaiblity"

fyi ive updated to latest 9.2(1)SR2

Funny that; cisco did not disclose information like these on their docs/release notes

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Cius docking station hdmi issue


I had the same issue and went after it. You need a special SINGLE-LINK Display Port to hdmi cable/or converter. Unfortunately almost all the DP-to-HDMI cable-s are dual-link. The good news that you can find on the cisco price-list the right cable. Or you can stick with the DP-to-VGA which always works.

Here are the new cable-s from cisco.:

XPACC-DPVGA=     DisplayPort Single Mode to VGA Adaptor

XPACC-DPDVI=     DisplayPort Single Mode to DVI Adaptor (availability January 2012)

XPACC-DPHDMI=    DisplayPort Single Mode to HDMI Adaptor

Cius docking station hdmi issue

I worked through this issue with Cisco and even though they wouldn't "officially" state any supported cables, I did receive the following information.  I order all 3 of these cables, tested them, and so far have not had any further issues as these cables worked great!!

1. Accell B087B-005B UltraAV DisplayPort to DVI-D Single-Link Active Adapter ATI Certified

2. Accell UltraAV B101B-003B Display Port with VGA Active Adapter

3. DisplayPort Male to HDMI cable Male

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Cius docking station hdmi issue


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