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class selector Per-Hop Behavior

In the following exemple (copied from the ONT certfication guide book) how the preference of dropping is selected :


random-detect dscp-based

random-detect dscp af21 32 40 10

random-detect dscp af22 28 40 10

random-detect dscp af23 24 40 10

random-detect dscp cs2 22 40 10


I'm correctly understand how I should interpret the "random-detect dscp af" in comparaison of each other but, I don't understand where the I should place the "random-detect dscp cs2" with regard to the others.

I'm definetly confused with the Class Selector per Hop Behavior. I'm will not provide my understanding about thisbecause I know it's look like do not make sense... I whould to avoid complicate for future explication on this.

someone can help me ?

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