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ClearCallsWhenDataLinkGoesDown - Service Parameter Help?

I'd like to get a better idea of what impact this parameter has when set to "F". Will there be any impact to active calls when or if the D Channel is restored while calls are still active, and if not, why would I ever set this to "T" which is the default setting?

And more specifically, when set to "T", does it actually drop all active calls immediately, or just wait for them to clear naturally?

We're running 3.0(11) with Pub/Sub Configuration.


Cisco Employee

Re: ClearCallsWhenDataLinkGoesDown - Service Parameter Help?

I think you're going to lose your streams anyway using CallManager 3.0(x) regardless of the setting of this Service Parameter.

In CallManager 3.1, the 6608 and DT-24+/DE-30+ cards are controlled via MGCP, not Skinny anymore, and one of the new features in this version is greatly improved call preservation. So if the CallManager goes down that the gateway is currently registered to, then active calls will retain their streams. There are some situations where this won't exactly happen, such as if there is a call on a channel but the caller is on hold.

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