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CLI with forwarded calls

We have MGCP-controlled voice gateways to which a translation pattern is assigned for inbound calls to prefix a '9' on the calling number (to assist with users being able to dial missed calls directly without needing to edit the dial string).

However, if an phone is configured to forward calls externally, then the calling number is sent as "9......" which is ignored by the telco. Is there a way the '9' can be removed from the calling number when calls are forwarded in this manner? I don't think I can simply strip 1 digit on the calling number of outbound calls because that would affect non-forwarded calls; the first digit should only be removed if it is a '9'. This would be fairly trivial to implement with voice translation patterns on an H.323 dial-peer.

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Re: CLI with forwarded calls

Can you set the Calling Party Transform Mask to xxxxxxxxxx on your outbound patterns (or however many wildcards you need - it's really the same as you use in your translation pattern but without the 9)? Your configuration dictates where you put this - it could be right on the route pattern or on route details in your route list.




Re: CLI with forwarded calls

I find it easier to use the CallManager Service Parameters available if you use MGCP to prefix a 91 or 9011 to incoming CLID.

1. Browse to CallManager ccmadmin

2. Service > Service Parameters > Choose your Publisher > CallManager service

3. Click Advanced

4. Change the following Parameters

National Number Prefix - change to 91

International Number Prefix - change to 9011

5. Update

6. I don't think you need to restart CM service for this to take effect

Now incoming calls caller id will be prefixed with 9 and international clid incoming will be prefixed with 9011.

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