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CLID on fowarded call

User wants to forward call from is IP phone to Mobile phone.

Forwarding works but it does not display the caller number or even his ip phone number. It is the main PRI number that shows on the forwarded calls.

Is this even a call manager issue or needs to be taken up with the service provider ?

I would really appreciate a quick response.

Using CCM 6.1 H.323 voice gateway




Re: CLID on fowarded call

You may need to speak to your service provider as it all depends on whether CLID is enabled or not.

If you go to the route group, then "route list detail" you will see whether CLID is turned off or on (Calling Party's External Phone Number Mask)

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Re: CLID on fowarded call

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Re: CLID on fowarded call

Hi, actually system is working as design. Because when a phone is forwarded to an external phone, ccm is the one that is placing the call, and that the phone that called the ip phone.

Not pretty sure if TELCO have a solution for that

Re: CLID on fowarded call

Yes, and no. CallManager can be configured to send the originating CallerID information on forwarded calls. There are two things to consider, however. First, even if you configure CCM to forward these calls to the PSTN with the originating CID, the provider may not be configured to read that and overwrites it with the main number for the company. This is setup at many sites because the PBX administrators either don;t know how or don't care to hide the internal DID numbers. The second issue is that some providers have security checks in place for CallerID to prevent spoofing. If the CallerID information doesn't correspond to a number within the range for that site, the CallerID information is blocked or overwritten. This isn't true everywhere, but I have heard of it being implemented.

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