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*Client versions tested with VMO*

Hey gang. <br>Last week I promised we'd post a list of all the Outlook patches we tested VMO against since that question comes up fairly often. Our fabulous QA folks send this to me... lots of patches to test against.<br><br>anyway, here's the list... <br><br>====================================<br>Outlook 2000<br>Updated 128-Bit Encryption Provider for Outlook 2000 SR-1 <br><br><br>Office 2000 ODBC Driver Vulnerability Security Update <br><br><br>Office 2000 Service Release 1a (SR-1a) Update <br><br><br>Office 2000 Security Update: UA Control Vulnerability <br><br><br>Outlook 2000 SR-1 Update: E-mail Security <br><br><br>Outlook 2000 Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) Update: Security <br><br><br>Outlook 2000 SR-1 Update: MultiLanguage Pack E-mail Security <br><br><br>Office 2000 Update: Service Pack 2 (SP-2)<br><br><br>Outlook 98<br>Outlook 98 Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) Update: Security <br><br><br>Outlook 98 Update: E-mail Security <br><br><br>Outlook 98 Patch: United Kingdom 020 Area Code Update <br><br><br>Outlook 98 Archive Patch <br><br><br>Forms 2.0 Control Security Patch <br><br><br>Outlook 98 Patch: Importer Field Mapping<br><br><br>Outlook 98 Update: E-mail Security <br><br><br>Outlook 97<br>Outlook 97 Update: Internet Mail Enhancement Patch <br><br><br>Office 97 Service Release 1 (SR-1) <br><br><br>Office 97 Service Release 2 ValuPack<br><br><br>Outlook 97 Archive Patch <br><br><br>Office 97 Service Release 2b (SR-2b) <br><br><br>Office 97 ODBC Driver Vulnerability Security Update <br><br><br>Outlook 97 Email Attachment Security Update <br><br><br><br>Jeff Lindborg<br>Unity Product Architect<br>Active Voice<br><br><A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

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