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Clone nortel extension to cisco wireless ip phone ?

Hi. We've deployed spectralink wireless phones to a few of our hospitals & now looking for a standard. We're doing a bake-off between a few vendors but the main players seem to be spectralink and cisco. Our voice guys are really leaning towards the spectralink for a couple of reasons, the primary being because we have so far not come up with a way to clone a users primary (nortel) desk phone to the call-manager-based cisco wireless phones.

Is there any way to do this? The incoming call should ring both nortel desk set + cisco wireless. It should busy/NA forward to nortel VM.

FWIW, apparently the spectralink product's gateway appears as some nortel option to the nortel switch so normal nortel optioning applies and they can 'clone' nortel-> spectralink.

Just wanna be sure our cisco's get a fair shake.



Re: Clone nortel extension to cisco wireless ip phone ?

The only way you can configure an IP phone to have a shared line with a 'legacy' phone is via an MGCP gateway with an FXS port.

So, basically what you will see is the analog phone and the IP phone ring at the same time.

If you can somehow get the Nortel PBX to link up to the FXS port and ring the destination phone when the FXS port sends the ring voltage, it should work.

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Re: Clone nortel extension to cisco wireless ip phone ?

we are doing this with a Definity G3 and Cisco CM and 7960's.the router is set up as an H.323 gateway. When the legacy phone rings so soes the corresponding IP phone. It FNA's to audix.

We have a T1 between a Definity and a Cisco router.

controller T1 0/0

framing esf

linecode b8zs

cablelength short 133

ds0-group 1 timeslots 1 type fxo-loop-start

ds0-group 2 timeslots 2 type fxo-loop-start

ds0-group 3 timeslots 3 type fxo-loop-start

ds0-group 4 timeslots 4 type fxo-loop-start

ds0-group 5 timeslots 5 type fxo-loop-start

ds0-group 6 timeslots 6 type fxo-loop-start

ds0-group 7 timeslots 7 type fxo-loop-start

ds0-group 8 timeslots 8 type fxo-loop-start

ds0-group 9 timeslots 9 type fxo-loop-start

ds0-group 10 timeslots 10 type fxo-loop-start

ds0-group 11 timeslots 11 type fxo-loop-start

ds0-group 12 timeslots 12 type fxo-loop-start

ds0-group 13 timeslots 13 type fxo-loop-start

ds0-group 14 timeslots 14 type fxo-loop-start

ds0-group 15 timeslots 15 type fxo-loop-start

ds0-group 16 timeslots 16 type fxo-loop-start

ds0-group 17 timeslots 17 type fxo-loop-start

ds0-group 18 timeslots 18 type fxo-loop-start

ds0-group 19 timeslots 19-23 type fxo-loop-start

voice-port 0/0:12

output attenuation 0

timeouts ringing 5

connection plar opx 3116

description LUCENT X 2116

voice-port 0/0:13

output attenuation 0

timeouts ringing 5

connection plar opx 3117

description LUCENT X 2117

dial-peer voice 3 voip

destination-pattern 3...

session target ipv4:

alot of the config has been left out but you get the idea.

So on each G3 line that also has an IP Phone there is a bridged line configured. When the legacy phone rings it sends the call also to the T1 and the ip phone rings. so for legacy line 2116 when it rings so soes the ip phone with X 3116, the same with 2117 and 3117. If the appearance must be of the same number that is easily done also. This has been in place for almost 3 years and there are some minor issues but it works.

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Re: Clone nortel extension to cisco wireless ip phone ?

This is a good solution since it uses the G3 to ring both endpoints. (and perhaps the Nortel PBX can do the same thing)

On CallManager, as it works today, you cannot ring an offnet destination and an onnet destination at the same time. Because of this limitation, you may not be able to accomplish what you want to with a Cisco wireless phone solution unless the Nortel PBX is simultaneously ringing the legacy phone and sending an inbound call to CallManager.

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