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Closed Greeting and Time Zones

I am trying to implement different greetings for standard/closed business hours and am having problems. I have enabled the Closed greeting and recorded the message, verified the active schedule is correct, and have changed the time zone to allow me to test the Closed greeting (i.e. we normally are on Eastern time but want to test the closed greeting during normal business hours, so I changed the time zone to one that is 12 hours behind ours). <br><br>After saving the changes my standard message still plays. This concerns me in that there could be one of two problems: I have incorrectly configured the closed greeting, or the time zone settings are not affecting the mailbox as I think they would. We have a remote office in California that could have problems if the time zone settings are failing. Please advise. Our Unity is version 2.4 Build, and our Call Manger is 3.0(11) - if that matters.<br><br>Thanks,<br><br>Jonathon Moore<br>Ultra-Newbie<br>Red Capital Group<br>

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Re: Closed Greeting and Time Zones

I wanted to update you on this situation. After regular business hours Eastern time, the Closed greeting I had set worked properly. Apparently the problem is with the time zone settings on the mailbox I had configured to use the Closed greeting.

Will an individual's time zone setting on their subscriber box override Unity's default time zone settings, or vice-versa? I cannot find anything about subscriber time zone settings in our Administrator's Guide.

Thank You,

Jonathon Moore
Red Capital Group

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Re: Closed Greeting and Time Zones

The timezome setting is a system wide setting. There is no way to set this on a per subscriber basis.
But this has been raised earlier. Seems like a good feature to have.

Anil Verma
Cisco Systems


Re: Closed Greeting and Time Zones

Actually, the timezone setting you see on the subscriber profile setting is a per user setting, of course, but it only affect message delivery schedules (which are configured per user) and the timestamps played when you get your messages over the phone. All messages are stamped GMT by Exchange when the message arrives and the client retrieving the messages has the responsibility to convert the time to the local time of the user... in this case we use the user's time zone setting to do that.

The schedules that the greetings trigger on are always based on the timzeon of the local Unity server (this is system wide). You'll need to create seperate schedules for different groups of folks if they happen to be in different time zones, at least at the moment.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
Cisco Systems (new page for Unity support tools and scripts)

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