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CM 3.1.2c --> 3.1.4b upgrade hangs

We're doing some lab testing to upgrade our 3.1.2c cluster to 3.3.3. We have to stop at 3.1.4b first in order to upgrade the backup routine.

The upgrade consistently hangs ~15 min into the procedure at the "Performing DC Directory Install" prompt.

Our scenario is a 3-machine cluster (1 publisher + 2 subscribers). FWIW we're testing the upgrade procedure in the lab on the publisher first & we're isolated from our production AD environment.

any help appreciated...



Re: CM 3.1.2c --> 3.1.4b upgrade hangs

You must set Antivirus and IDS software services to "manual" AND stop the services before running the upgrade (re-enable after install is complete.) Exit all other applications and close all Terminal Services sessions before starting the upgrade.

If the CPU is not unusually high, there is a workaround with the upgrades.

Follow the normal procedures for upgrades, then if the installation starts and hangs, the workaround is to right-click on the far right install icon (titled "SETUP") in the system tray, and select EXIT. The install will continue normally.

Please re-install spA and follow the workaround provided above (if it hangs again).

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Re: CM 3.1.2c --> 3.1.4b upgrade hangs

Thanks for the intel.

Actually, we were able to avoid having to upgrade to 3.1.4b at all. Our goal was to get from 3.1.2c to 3.3.3, but thought we'd have to stop at 3.1.4b in order to upgrade the backup utility. The config matrix hints that 3.1.4b is the first version which supports both our current backup rev 3.2.20 and the newer backup rev 3.5.44

It turns out you can upgrade the backup utility right at 3.1.2c, take a backup, and use that backup to restore the db once you upgraded to 3.3.3.

The process was:

- Take a backup on the old backup routine (3.2.20) and put aside for fallback.

- Stop the backup process and upgrade to 3.5.44

- Take a new backup on 3.5.44

- Upgrade to 3.3.3, making sure to check the "restore from backup" checkbox when prompted

- Install 3.5.44 backup SW

- Restore DB

Thanks again for the help...


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